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Commercial Development

Lion Development Group is very focused on delivering a high-quality product with on time completion. We won’t accept any less than world class standards. We are committed to excellence. We’ve have been blessed to work with several big brands and are excited to grow that portion of our portfolio. We have the financial resources and experience on our team to bring you the product you are looking for in the timeline you need it.

Our broad expertise, strong relationships, and customer service-driven approach have contributed to our success and allowed us to build an ever-expanding and diverse portfolio of development projects extending across the Midwest.

From restaurants to strip centers, government buildings to large scale multi-use developments, our projects reflect our passion for smart growth brought to life through technically innovative, meticulously conceived planning and design. We believe in getting the deal done and getting it done right the first time.

Lion Development Group has the financial resources, the construction infrastructure, the relationships, the experience and the team in place to look at any deal at any time, no matter the size or location.

Residential Development

At Lion Development Group, we strive to create great places for people, with a passion for bringing our customers’ dreams to life. With every project, we aim to exceed our customers’ high expectations.

We focus on seeing projects all the way through to completion. Whether it’s the design/development phase, construction administration, or completion, we do whatever we can to ensure the project is delivered in a pre-determined time frame.

Our ever-expanding project portfolio includes residential apartment complexes and large mixed use facilities, as well as industrial and commercial development projects.

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